The web is changing rapidly. People have an increasing amount of options to share content online with social media. A monolithic forum as a foundation makes it harder now, more than ever, to bring visitors back to your forum frequently and make them stick.

You may have mobile apps, which force you to abandon your custom skins, add-ons, and sacrifice ad revenue to lower paying mobile ads, for the promise of app store distribution. And for this, you must pay hundreds or pawn off member information.

TMA's mission is to help you close the gap between your forum and social media, by providing the key tools and services with a 100% focus on the essentials. We currently serve vBulletin and XenForo forums, and will soon add Invision Communities to that list.

Push notification traffic without app store costs.

A smooth, app-like user experience for your visitors.

Get support for one or all our products.